DIY tissue paper fringe garland

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I know that most people are in the process of decorating for winter holidays right now but I just had to share this adorable DIY project. I have been creating these festive tissue paper fringe garlands for a December birthday party and not only are they super easy to make but they are inexpensive party decor option.

All you need are a few different colours of tissue paper, scissors and a stapler. That's it.


I recommend using a minimum of four different colours of tissue paper. You will need one piece of tissue paper in each colour for each garland. My tissue paper sheets are 20" x 30".

Step one. Cut the tissue paper layers into strips 5" wide by 30" long.

Step two. You need to staple all four layers of tissue paper together. Staple along the centre of each strip about 5" apart. You may want to fold the tissue paper layers in half first so you will have a better idea of where to add the staples.

Step three. Cut fringes on both sides of the tissue paper strips. 
Tip: I found that by folding the tissue paper in half and cut the fringes on both sides at the same time I saved a lot  of time. Just be careful not to cut to far into the centre.

Step four. Now you are ready for the fun part. Simply twist the tissue paper at the centre and watch the different colours on the fringes take shape. 

Here's a closer look at the twisted tissue paper. Don't worry about the staples because they kind of disappear when the tissue paper is twisted.

You can staple the garlands together to make the garlands as long as you wish. For less than five dollars I created 54' of fringe garland using a total of twenty sheets of tissue paper (6 sheets each of 4 different colours).

If you wanted to make these for a holiday party, just select tissue paper colours to match your holiday decor!

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