BRIKA whimsical wreath workshop in the Makeful learning studio

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last week I was invited to attend a workshop at the Makeful learning centre in BRIKA's Yorkdale popup store. The whimsical wreath workshop by DeLight Floral Design and My Little Secrets was fabulous. The supplies on hand were beautiful and everyone's wreath was truly one of a kind.

This photo was featured on BRIKA's Facebook page. My wreath (and hand) is on the left. Isn't the wallpaper in the background adorable!

I don't have space to hang seasonal wreaths in my home so I knew when I was creating my project at the workshop that I would have to do something a little more with it when I got home.

So the next day I gathered some supplies and figured out a way to display my whimsical wreath on the fireplace mantle using a hard cover book.

I had a plaid flannel ribbon scrap that was too small to tie as a bow but it just big enough to hang the wreath in place on the book. I folded the ribbon in half and looped it around the top of the wreath.

Then I simply stapled the ribbon in place to a couple of pages in the middle of the book.

The book had an embossed title on the cover so to cover it up and add little something extra to my wreath I glued a birch wood slice that I painted with chalkboard paint. I thought about writing a holiday message using chalk markers but my "hello" message will allow me to display my wreath well into the new year. 

If you have a crafty friend and you're looking for a fun evening to get your craft on you really need to check out the workshops at BRIKA.

These are some of the pics that I took at the BRIKA Yorkdale popup shop. If you like to buy handmade ... this is the place to be. There's a great mix of products by some very talented artisans. I loved the cafe and just past the cash desk is a diy area that you can gift wrap your purchases. It's brilliant!

The Makeful learning studio at the very back of the store is like a crafter's dream come true. The studio set up is so inspiring. Makeful is a new lifestyle TV channel that is all about celebrating the creativity within all of us! Whether you are into food, design or diy they have it all and it's in free preview right now. You can find out more about Makeful and the Makeful community on their website.

hostess gift idea for the holidays

Friday, November 6, 2015

Our family holiday entertaining plans are underway and I've already started marking dates on the calendar for holiday parties we have been invited to attend. That had me thinking about what to do about hostess gifts. I always try to give something that is practical, reusable and unique. And if time is not an issue, I always try to add something that I've created myself, even if it's just the gift tag!!

Last year I created these adorable hostess gifts and I thought that I'd share them with you for some early holiday gift giving inspiration.

I purchased large glass containers and filled them with beautiful decorated cookies. The containers will look like snow globes when you add a little course sugar to keep the cookies in place. I attached chalkboard tags that I decorated with chalk markers on with twine to the glass lids. 

The cookies can be eaten (right away or saved for another day), the glass containers can be reused, and this gift is sure to make someone smile when you walk in the door. Best part about this hostess gift is that it is so pretty you really don't need to wrap it up which will save you some time. 

If you are a baker and can make your own cookies that's awesome! Or you can do what I did and buy cookies from a local bake shop or custom cookie maker. My cookies were custom made for me by Branded Bites. Branded Bites used some of my illustrations to created my cookies. Just remember if you are looking to have custom cookies created you may need extra time to order them at this time of year.

And here's one of my favourite hostess gift wrapping ideas! Place two stacking boxes on top of a cake stand and tie them all together using a wide ribbon. Add an ornament to finish and you're done. The boxes could be filled with homemade baked goods or whatever you want. 

You can find more of my holiday ideas from last year here.