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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Do you have a passion for all things chalkboard right now? I do! I have made a number of projects for Creative Bag over the past few months with all of their amazing new chalkboard products. During our last few days at the cottage this summer we were blessed with a few rain days (yeah rain days ... an excuse to stay inside and spend time crafting) and I ended up reorganizing my cottage craft supplies using a bunch of my recent chalkboard purchases.
chalkboard inspiration from Lorrie Everitt Studio |
I picked up the metal buckets in my craft cabinets a number of years ago from the dollar store. I was using tags with strings on the bucket handles to organize the items stored in the buckets but the tags would flip around every time I opened the cabinet doors and I was just tired of dealing with them any more. These mini chalkboard signs with clip backs from Creative Bag are perfect for helping me to organize my supplies. I used a fine chalk marker to write on each sign. I like chalk markers for projects like this because the words will not rub off easily every time I touch the sign. You can use water to wipe the marker and re write so it is possible to change your mind ... for a while. Once the marker has dried and set it does not wipe clean with water ... but you can always add a fresh coat of chalkboard paint yourself and start again!
chalkboard inspiration from Lorrie Everitt Studio |

I also used these adorable chalkboard labels from Creative Bag to organize some of my other supplies in vintage glass bottles. I love how my mini letter stamps are now organized and ready to be used. I picked up a bunch of these mini stamps in different fonts a long time ago and was struggling to find a way to store them. The stamps were packaged in individual boxes by font and I knew that they would always be out of sight, out of mind and never used unless I could find a way to store them so that it would be easy to see at a glance. I used the stamps and a chalk marker to "stamp" directly onto the chalk labels. I can tell what font is in each container by simply looking at the label. 

If you would like to see how I used the chalk markers with my stamps you can see my full tutorial here on the Creative Bag blog.

Looking for some awesome chalk fonts to use for digital scrapbooking or crafting projects? Here's ten of my favorites and all are free to download!

10 chalkboard fonts from Lorrie Everitt Studio |

 sign handwriting 

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The kids are back to school. I hope that you can find some time this week to have a little "me time" and get creative with your own chalkboard projects!