Let's paint some onesies! A baby shower party DIY.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here's a fun and creative party idea for a baby shower - painted onesies! I recently set up a baby shower party display at Creative Bag and I incorporated my painted onesies into the party display by hanging them up like bunting.

The concept is that you invite each guest to paint a onesie at the shower as party activity.
Set up a table so guests can paint their onesie and then set up a second area so that you can hang the onesies to dry before the party ends. 

Gather your supplies: plain white onesies, small paper bags with handles (one for each onesie), Martha Stewart tintable fabric medium, craft paint in assorted colours, assorted paint brushes, disappearing fabric ink pen and something to mix your paints on. 

Optional: my free printable to trace.

1. Insert the small paper bag into the top of the onesie as shown above. The bag will protect your fabric so that the paint does not bleed through to the back and you can use it like a hanger later to hang the onesie to dry.

2. Use the disappearing ink pen to draw out your design on the onesie. For guests that do not feel they are very crafty or can draw, allow them to trace one of the designs from my free printables using the disappearing ink pen.

3. You can make any paint into a fabric paint by adding Martha Stewart's tintable fabric medium. Follow the fabric medium instructions on the bottle for more details.

4. Once everyone has completed painting their onesie, hang them up on display so they can dry and everyone can see them. I used baker's twine and small clothespins to hang our onesies. The disappearing ink will take a few hours to disappear so don't worry if you see the purple lines for a while.

Check out my birds and bees baby shower party post here for more inspiration.

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