Let's make something - Mixed Media Inspiration

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's been a while since I have taught a mixed media class or created a new mixed media piece but after watching a couple of mixed media E-Lessons on Makeful recently I am feeling inspired to pull out my supplies and get creative.

Today I thought that I'd try to inspire you to maybe try your hand at creating a mixed media piece yourself by showing you some of my favourites. 

There are no right or wrong ways to create mixed media art and it's fun to experiment with different materials and new techniques. So grab your paints, papers, photos, ink, gel medium, glue, wax, found objects and whatever else you want!

I always work on wood panels and I tend to work a lot with my scrapbook papers, tissue paper sewing patterns,vintage books and papers.

Words and or quotes almost always make their way into my mixed media art. You can add words with paint or cut out letters from old books.

My children are often the inspiration behind my design. My youngest daughter always looked like an angel when she was asleep and I created this piece to remind me of those early days.

The vintage brooch once belonged to my Grandmother. It's not a valuable piece of jewellery and because I added it to this mix media piece I get to see it all of the time. My Grandmother was the one who took me to art classes and museums when I was young and I think that she would be so happy to see her brooch used in this way.

I used a photo that I took of my oldest daughter when she was little as the starting point for this mixed media piece. The scrapbook paper patterns that I used to create the bathing suit and hat are very similar to the original patterns in the photo.

I almost always add melted wax to my mixed media. The wax worked really well with the shells and found beach objects on this piece. I added coarse clear glitter to the wax in to make the water and waves sparkle just like a summer day at the cottage. 

If you have ever thought that you'd like to learn how to make mixed media art I recommend you check out Paula Coop McCrory's E-Lessons at Makeful. There are a couple of classes to select from or you can sign up for all three of her E-Lessons and also learn how to create memory mugs. 

The best part about the E-Lessons is that you can do it online from the comfort of your home when you have time to do it. 

Want some more mixed media inspiration? Follow my Mixed Media inspiration Pinterest board!