my studio desk and ecojot contest entry

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I was inspired by ecojot to take a picture of my studio office computer desk. They are running a contest that you can check out here for more details. I thought that I would digitally scrapbook the pictures of my desk with elements that I purchased here earlier this week. 

I like ecojot's mini journals the best ... they fit into a purse ... and I use them all of the time to doodle my ideas and concepts. Once a journal is filled, I add it to a collection of journals I keep in a basket on my desk ... I use the journals as a reference when I am in need of some inspiration.

Ecojot's journals are so cute ... I love that they are made in Canada and printed on 100% recycled stock. The graphics on the journals are always so colourful and inspiring. I really like ecojot's brand and it is on my "wish list" to work for them as a freelance designer one day.  

The contest is on until August 15th so if you have a chance ... check them out! And if you don't enter ... keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!



  1. i'd be too embarassed to take a pic of my desk right now! ;(

  2. Well ... you will notice that it is just my computer desk and not the rest of my studio! I'm organizing craft supplies to take to the cottage this weekend so I'm in a packing and cleaning mode ... hopefully everything in my studio will be in order by the end of the week.

  3. Neither my desk nor studio will ever be seen ! A girl's gotta maintain some mystery right? Yours is lovely.