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Friday, March 12, 2010

My girls were very excited when they left for school this morning. Today is the last day of school before March Break and we are going away this year. The girls are more than ready to trade in their winter coats and boots for swimsuits and flip flops. We haven't been away to somewhere hot for two years ... these photos are some of my digital scrapbooking photos from that trip.

I found a great exercise to do with the kids on Shona Coles' blog last month and I'm planning on doing it with the kids when we are away.  Shona had the kids take pictures of things that looked like letters ... they basically did a photoshoot of the alphabet!! How cool is that? Afterwards, she cropped all of the photos into a collage. I was thinking that I would take it one step further and crop the letters so that they spell out each of the kids'
names for their bedrooms. We are going away with 7 other families so I will have about 14 children's names to play around with when we get home. I think that once I have all of the letters cropped for the alphabet collage it will be easy to make up the names with the same files.

I will be back in a week!

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