upcycling ideas for displaying flowers

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love flowers! My husband and I have been collecting antique vases and other pottery made in the USA by companies like McCoy and Roseville for many years but I never use any of the vases to hold flowers.

Instead of using my vases, I love to find different ways to upcycle other containers to display flowers ... don't ask me why ... I just do! Here's a couple of ways that I added some fresh cut flowers to my cottage decorating while we were on holidays! 

I received these beautiful flowers from my mother-in-law and my husband's grandmother and I think that they were both a little surprised when I pulled out these six old bottles that I picked up at a the thrift store and started pulling the bouquet apart ...
you can see the flowers lined up on my kitchen window ... I love the way that the sun shines through the glass bottles and flowers. 

Here you can see that I painted part of an old metal bucket with blackboard paint. These sunflower, which came from our friend's farm (first picture), look casual and welcoming in this container on our front porch. I can easily change the message on the bucket with coloured chalk.

Do you like to upcycle containers to display flowers in your home too?
I'd love to know what you are doing! 


  1. Beautiful!! I use any and every kind of container I can find... makes it more fun that way I think! :)

  2. that view of the upcycled vases from the window is BREATHTAKING!