sewing kit in a bottle

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here's a cute little idea I came up with at the cottage while we were on holidays. I found myself doing a couple of little sewing "jobs" and was getting tired of pulling out all of my sewing supplies to find a needle and thread. So I created a mini sewing kit using a vintage jar and an old tee shirt to keep in my craft cupboard.

Here's how I did it:

1. I took the top off the jar and used the metal ring as a template to cut out a circle from an old tee shirt. The circle was about 1" bigger than the metal ring. The tee shirt was a onesy that one of my daughters wore as a baby and had a cute embroidered carrot on the front and a bunny on the back. Note that I tried to centre the carrot in the middle of the circle. 
2. Next, I cut a second circle from a solid part of the tee that was slightly larger than the glass top.
3. Carefully, I sandwiched a piece of wool (cotton batting would work too) in between the two fabric circles and the glass top as shown in photo three.
4. I whip stitched the two circles together and
5. fit the finished piece into the metal ring to use as a pin cushion.
6. I decided to cut out the bunny from the back of the tee shirt with pinking scissors so that I could use the it  to store a few sewing needles inside the jar.
7. In the last picture you can see that I added some spools of thread, a fabric pencil, a measuring tape and my sewing needles to the jar ... now I just have to find a small pair of scissors and my mini sewing kit will be complete!

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