Friday, May 13, 2016

Let's make something - Mixed Media Inspiration

It's been a while since I have taught a mixed media class or created a new mixed media piece but after watching a couple of mixed media E-Lessons on Makeful recently I am feeling inspired to pull out my supplies and get creative.

Today I thought that I'd try to inspire you to maybe try your hand at creating a mixed media piece yourself by showing you some of my favourites. 

There are no right or wrong ways to create mixed media art and it's fun to experiment with different materials and new techniques. So grab your paints, papers, photos, ink, gel medium, glue, wax, found objects and whatever else you want!

I always work on wood panels and I tend to work a lot with my scrapbook papers, tissue paper sewing patterns,vintage books and papers.

Words and or quotes almost always make their way into my mixed media art. You can add words with paint or cut out letters from old books.

My children are often the inspiration behind my design. My youngest daughter always looked like an angel when she was asleep and I created this piece to remind me of those early days.

The vintage brooch once belonged to my Grandmother. It's not a valuable piece of jewellery and because I added it to this mix media piece I get to see it all of the time. My Grandmother was the one who took me to art classes and museums when I was young and I think that she would be so happy to see her brooch used in this way.

I used a photo that I took of my oldest daughter when she was little as the starting point for this mixed media piece. The scrapbook paper patterns that I used to create the bathing suit and hat are very similar to the original patterns in the photo.

I almost always add melted wax to my mixed media. The wax worked really well with the shells and found beach objects on this piece. I added coarse clear glitter to the wax in to make the water and waves sparkle just like a summer day at the cottage. 

If you have ever thought that you'd like to learn how to make mixed media art I recommend you check out Paula Coop McCrory's E-Lessons at Makeful. There are a couple of classes to select from or you can sign up for all three of her E-Lessons and also learn how to create memory mugs. 

The best part about the E-Lessons is that you can do it online from the comfort of your home when you have time to do it. 

Want some more mixed media inspiration? Follow my Mixed Media inspiration Pinterest board!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

personalize your clear phone case using sharpie markers

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I love my new iphone.

I have never had an iphone so it was kind of a big deal for me.

When I decided to finally purchase an iphone I knew that I wanted one in rose gold.

I HAD to have a rose gold and I waited two weeks for it.

After waiting for so long to get my phone I realized that I didn't want a phone case that covered up the rose gold finish. So I purchased a clear case. My clear case is okay. It does it's job which is to protect my phone but it's B-O-R-I-N-G. So after a couple of weeks, I decided to personalize it myself.

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

This is such an easy diy project and you can do it in an afternoon. If you can trace - you can do this.

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

Gather your supplies: clear phone case, extra fine tip white sharpie oil based marker, paper, pencil, extra fine tip black sharpie marker and a light box. If you don't have access to a lightbox you can use a piece of glass from a picture frame and a light source to create your own. 

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I drew out my design in pencil first. You can trace around your case with a pencil to make sure that your design will fit properly. Once you have your rough design worked out use an extra fine tip black sharpie marker and go over your pencil sketch to create your final art.

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I wanted my design to be on the inside of my case so it would not scratch off easily. Because I have lettering in my design, I had to reverse my finished art. I flipped my paper over on the lightbox so I could see the design from the back. Then I positioned the phone case on top of the paper and used painters tape to keep everything in place for the next step.

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

This was the fun part - tracing my design onto the phone case using the white sharpie marker. I actually practiced a few times with the paint marker on scraps of acetate before I traced out my phone case. It helped me to get the feel of the markers and to see how long it took for the paint to dry. 

Tip: I am right handed so I started to draw out my design at the top left side and worked my way across and then down so that I did not smudge the ink as I was tracing.

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

When you are done flip the case over and take a look at your design. You can add some extra doodles at this point if you need to. I thought that the space under "Hello" needed a little something so I added some additional dots.

I let the paint dry for about 15 minutes before I put the case on my cell phone. 

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

And there you go! One personalized cell phone case.

personalize your clear phone case using oil based sharpie markers | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I'm going to be entering this project into the Makeful weekly challenge tonight. I know that I have some very creative followers and I'd love to see your projects at Makeful too. Leave me a comment here or on Instagram if you have joined Makeful - I'd love to see what you are making too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

diy party decor favourites and a couple of ideas for how to display them

Do you like to host parties? I do. I love party decorations and diy party decor projects. I have a few favourite diy party projects that I tend to make over and over because they are not only easy to make but they are also inexpensive.

 I am always trying to come up with new ways to display my party decorations so that I am not marking my walls or furniture and I'm going to share a couple of my ideas with you today. So let's get this party started ...

My number one go to diy party decoration - tissue paper pompoms. Tissue paper comes in so many colour options and best of all it is inexpensive. There are so many ways to make tissue paper pompoms. They can be hung from the ceiling or mounted flat to the wall, change up the size, use different colours of tissue to create an ombre effect or cut the ends like I did to create tissue paper flowers. 

When you combine tissue paper flowers with other large paper decorations you can create an amazing party backdrop. This is how I created my tissue paper flower pompoms:

1. You will need 6 sheets of tissue paper. The size of tissue is up to you so make these as large or small as you want. You will use two sheets each of three different colours to recreate my sample.
2. Accordion fold all of the tissue paper as shown above until you are left with one bundle of tissue about 1" wide.
3. Separate the three colours and cut each color as shown above - longest (outside) tissue has a pointed edge, middle tissue is shorter and has a rounded edge, and the shortest (inside) tissue has a fringe edge.
4. Open all of the tissue paper bundles and layer them together as shown.
5/6. Refold the tissue paper layers and add a twist tie to the centre as shown.
7. Open the tissue paper to create your flower one side at a time. 
8. The back of this pompom is flat for hanging on the wall.

A  neutral backdrop of kraft, white and gold paper party decorations gets a pop of colour with these pink tissue paper flower pompoms. I could easily remove the tissue paper flowers and replace them with pompoms in a different colour to reuse this backdrop for another party.

My secret for displaying this large grouping of paper party decorations was this large piece of pegboard. The paper decorations were tied to the board using baker's twine. I can set this display up days before the party and all I have to do is lean the pegboard against the wall when it's time to set up for the party. No nails or hooks required.

Tissue paper tassel garlands are my other go to diy party decoration. They are simple to create and you can make the garlands as long or short as you'd like. I also love that the garlands are extremely light so it makes displaying them a breeze. 

I came up with this way to display my tissue paper tassel garlands so that I don't have to worry about using tape on my walls or furniture. Here's what you will need: mason jars, wooden dowels, sand and clothespins.

I spray painted my mason jars gold and and added a band of gold glitter so that you would not see the sand inside of the jars.

I could have just used plain wood clothespins but I decorated mine with scraps of decorative paper and resin flowers.

I glued the clothespins to one end of the wood dowels as shown above. Put one wood dowel into each mason jars that has been filled with sand. 

Clip the tissue paper tassel garlands to the wood dowels as shown above and space the jars so that the garland hangs nicely. Depending on the length of the dowels, you can add this display to a table top or where ever you want!

Tissue paper tassel garlands are easy to create. These ones were created using Martha Stewart's ombre tissue paper but you can do this same technique with solid or printed tissue paper as well.

You can cut your tassels by hand or you can use the Martha Stewart tassel cutter like I did to get even cut tassels. You can check out this Martha Stewart YouTube video to see this amazing tool in action.

Here's a really quick look at how to make a tassel: (left to right) cut the edges of your tissue as shown, roll the tissue and then twist at the middle. Fold the tassel in half and then twist once more to create a loop for hanging.

I wanted to add a little glitter to my tassels so I used gold glitter tape just below the loop. The glitter tape does not stick to itself very well so you will have to use a little adhesive on the end of the glitter tape. 

You can cover the entire pegboard with decorations if you want. Just remember to leave one edge of the pegboard flat so it will sit on a flat surface.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

You're Tote-ally Awesome - a Makeful DIY challenge

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

If you have been following me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have mentioned the Makeful community and Makeful TV a number of times. I was one of the first maker's to join the Makeful community last year and I have been encouraging all of my creative friends to sign up and join Makeful.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I recently received a simple cotton canvas tote bag in the mail from Makeful. Their logo was screen printed in the bottom corner of the bag and it came with a note inviting me to have some fun with the bag and transform it into something beautiful ... and so I did.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I spent a long time figuring out what I wanted to do with my bag. I knew I my direction would be something floral design with a creative quote but I wasn't sure what medium I wanted to use on my bag. Should I paint? Or maybe, sew? Or add an image using iron on transfers? 

I ended up doing a little bit of everything and I'm pretty happy with my final tote bag.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I started off by painting a quote with Martha Stewart's gold glitter paint. I should tell you that I added Martha Stewart's tintable fabric medium to all of my paints in this project.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

Next I used a disappearing fabric pen to roughly draw out my flowers before I started painting my overall design.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I wanted my floral design to be colourful and fun. I created a cup sleeve a little while ago for my reusable Starbucks cup which you can see in the first photo, and it was the inspiration for my colours on the bag.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

After painting the flowers I decided to sew some of my vintage buttons to the bag using different colours of embroidery floss for visual interest and for a surprise functional reason. You see I could not stop at just decorating the outside of the bag. I had to add some details to the inside of the bag as well. 

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I added a felt pocket inside the bag to store smaller items like pencils and business cards. I also added an iron on transfer as a label so everyone would know that I created the bag. 

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

Above you can see my felt pocket and flowers  before I added them to the inside of the bag.

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I sewed two large buttons inside the bag to hold the pocket. I sewed two button holes on the felt pocket. Once the pocket was attached to the inside buttons, I wanted to make sure that the pocket did not fall off the buttons easily, so I cut out two felt flower shapes with tight button holes and placed them as shown (above bottom right).

You're Tote-ally Awesome | Makeful | Lorrie Everitt Studio

And now I'm off to enter my tote bag to the Makeful weekly challenge. If you sign up to be part of the Makeful community you can enter the weekly challenges as well or just check it out for inspiration! Either way, get ready to be inspired. 

You can check out more totebags from this weekly challenge at #toteallymakeful #bemakeful.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Let's paint some onesies! A baby shower party DIY.

Here's a fun and creative party idea for a baby shower - painted onesies! I recently set up a baby shower party display at Creative Bag and I incorporated my painted onesies into the party display by hanging them up like bunting.

The concept is that you invite each guest to paint a onesie at the shower as party activity.
Set up a table so guests can paint their onesie and then set up a second area so that you can hang the onesies to dry before the party ends. 

Gather your supplies: plain white onesies, small paper bags with handles (one for each onesie), Martha Stewart tintable fabric medium, craft paint in assorted colours, assorted paint brushes, disappearing fabric ink pen and something to mix your paints on. 

Optional: my free printable to trace.

1. Insert the small paper bag into the top of the onesie as shown above. The bag will protect your fabric so that the paint does not bleed through to the back and you can use it like a hanger later to hang the onesie to dry.

2. Use the disappearing ink pen to draw out your design on the onesie. For guests that do not feel they are very crafty or can draw, allow them to trace one of the designs from my free printables using the disappearing ink pen.

3. You can make any paint into a fabric paint by adding Martha Stewart's tintable fabric medium. Follow the fabric medium instructions on the bottle for more details.

4. Once everyone has completed painting their onesie, hang them up on display so they can dry and everyone can see them. I used baker's twine and small clothespins to hang our onesies. The disappearing ink will take a few hours to disappear so don't worry if you see the purple lines for a while.

Check out my birds and bees baby shower party post here for more inspiration.