in the studio - sneak peek Friday

Friday, August 20, 2010

My friend, Jennifer, over at studio jru started this cool link party called "in the studio sneak peak friday". It's kinda like "where women create"! Jennifer asked us to show where we create and what we are working on ... so here we go ... here's my creative space .. my "studio" ... welcome!

My studio is on the main floor of our house ... the space was originally designed to be a dining room but when the house was being built we had the builder make some minor changes so that it could be used as a second main floor office space. I love my area and it is usually cleaned up every night before anyone gets home from work/school because everyone walks by my studio door.

Now I do have to admit that the vast majority of my supplies are in the basement on ikea shelves because I would not have enough space to "create" if ALL of my supplies where in here too!

Here's a bunch of shots around my studio space ...

... can you tell that we love antiques in our house? ... here's some more detail shots ...

can't imagine life without my computer ...

... some of my Somerset Studio magazines ...

... favourite scrapbooking albums are stored under an old sewing machine that I had converted into a table to hold one of my printers and my stereo ...

... I still have to hang pictures in my office ... so hard to pick which ones to hang - I'm thinking of a bunch of shelves so that I can "lean" art on the wall and change them up from time to time ... I love this print from Katherine Quinn (that still needs to be framed) ...

... I keep projects "organized" in piles or containers around my office ... some projects are waiting to be completed, some are waiting to be photographed for etsy and some waiting to be started!
 What have I been working on lately? ... I'm so happy that I just completed my quilt square (see above) for my "flying friends" quilt project last night. I just mailed it off to Sonya McCllough this morning and I'm hoping that she gets it in time so that she can start to put together a quilt for Kelly Rae Roberts' baby. I was originally going to add a bird to this design but I loved the way that the nest and three denim eggs turned out and so I left the mama bird out! I think that I may have to make another one of these for myself ... I had so much fun sewing the ribbons and yarns to make the "nest"!

I hope that you enjoyed the tour! You can visit other studios too by clicking on the in studio sneak peek friday button!


  1. I am whoo and awww over your space. I would never want to get it messy!!
    Sweet of you to contribute to kelly's quilt, such a lovely gift from the FLYERS.
    Peace to you!

  2. Wow, love your space. Is the desk an old drafting desk? I use one, too, but more functional and not as pretty. I recognize the flat files. Those are my favorites.

    Your quilt is lovely. I love the nest, too.

  3. Hi Lorrie,

    Love your space. I mean I REALLY love your space. So very organized, and the antiques are wonderful. Aaah..That's the sweetest quilt for Kelly Rae..such thoughtfulness. I'm looking forward to getting to know you're welcomed to pop over to my place anytime.

    Hugs of Georgia Sunshine,

  4. Yep, your space is AWESOME and that quilt block ... WOW!, I can't wait to get ... my poor Postman ... :) Thank YOU .. OH ... Blog Header love as well!

  5. Wow!! I am in love with your antiques that you use in your space... they are gorgeous! Totally *love* that desk/table, it is fantastic! So much beautiful storage for all your goodies. Your quilt square is adorable!!

    I am so happy that you joined the Sneak Peek Friday party... I look forward to seeing what you are up to in that gorgeous studio of yours!

  6. Great creative space! I love it! :)

  7. hi... your studio is lovely. i bet it's a wonderful place to create.

  8. It really is a beautiful studio- thanks for the tour!! Love the quilt block- I'd definitely sit down and make another while this one is still fresh in your mind. :)