digital scrapbooking with Jan Hosford

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've been on my computer this morning playing with a couple of new digital scrapbooking kits that I just received yesterday from Jan Hosford. Jan is a very talented artist that I have had the pleasure of connecting with online this week during my "flying lessons" ecourse with Kelly Rae Roberts. As soon as I saw the kits I knew what I wanted to do with them and here's a little story about my completed page ...

Our first cottage had a playhouse that my husband built when our first daughter was 2 years old (she is 16 now). He wired it for lights and a couple of electrical outlets so that we could be in there on raining days during the summer. I decorated the playhouse by painting flowers on the walls and floor. I sewed curtains and cushions for the child size wicker furniture from of old quilts. I still remember the weekend that I spent outdoors painting the wooden table and chairs with a plaid design and flowers. We spent a lot of time in that playhouse ... drawing and making crafts, reading story books and having lemonade tea parties with stuffed teddy bears and rabbits. Both of my daughters loved that playhouse for so many years. I was so happy when we sold the cottage to very close friends of ours a few years ago because they had small children and I knew that they would enjoy the playhouse too. Our friends have now outgrown the cottage and are getting ready to move out. I'm not sure why but it suddenly hit me this week that we are not going to be able to visit the playhouse anymore. The new owner of the cottage is a single guy so I'm thinking that he really isn't going to want a girl's playhouse in the backyard! Oh well ... we will always have our memories!

Here's the two kits from Jan Hosford at The Digichick shop that I used to create this page ....

... I think that I will send this off to Costco for printing! Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful Lorrie! I love the story of your playhouse, you're such a great mom, sounds like a dream for a little girl!


  2. That playhouse sounds amazing. Enjoy scrapbooking your many wonderful memories =)

  3. those are too cool! so glad you are enjoying KRR flying lessons too! it is really amazing to connect with such a diverse and talented group of creatives

  4. Hi Lorrie, just flew in to thank you for stopping by my blog.

    I do digital scrapbooking and know Jan's beautiful work from that. I was thrilled to see she is one of our classmates.

    One name is Melissa, not Julia. I don't mind because I know all of us are making connections with lots of new people. :-)

    I still have lots of reading to do. It is a bit tough to keep up with all of the content and comments.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  5. Just beautiful. I haven't done any digital scrapbooking...yet! lol one more thing to get into. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. HI again! Thanks for leaving me another comment. I can certainly see how you wrote Julia when her name was right under my photo!

    All of the support from the class is inspiring me. I finished up some crochet this weekend. And even wrote a blog post today. I have to keep thinking, "Baby steps, baby steps..." so I don't overwhelm myself.

    Great idea about organizing all of our classmates by what we do. There is some amazing talent in our midst, that's for sure!