Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada this weekend ... looking forward to getting away to the cottage and spending some time with my family. Lots planned but I'm hoping that we will have some down time so I've packed some of my jewellery supplies so that my daughters and I can make a couple of necklaces. I've been playing around making these glass tiles necklaces. I'm going to try to make some of them with scrabble tiles on the back too. They are really fun to make and I've just started to wear a couple of them to make sure that they don't fall apart with use (so far, so good!).
 I've used pictures of my family on a couple of them and now I'm experimenting with pictures of some of my artwork (Robyn likes the mixed media collage close up of her as an angel with a bird on her shoulder - I gave it to her for her birthday!) ...
... I'm also experimenting with some of my photos ... I really like this one that I took in Paris a few years ago. I think that I will give it to my friend Sue later today so that she can tell me how it wears too. 

After I have finished "wear testing" these necklaces, I think that I might make some of these to put in my esty shop ... they would make great teacher gifts for the holidays.

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

 Before I go, I also wanted to share with you a picture of a beautiful necklace that was made for me a few months ago. My friend Karen wore a similar necklace when we went to New York in the spring. Karen's mother made it for her and when we got back from New York she created one for me too. I love it and it is very special to me ... especially right now ... Karen's mother, Gee, lost her battle with cancer earlier this week. She will be dearly missed.


  1. These are gorgeous and they also make beautiful bottle charms. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am liking these necklaces a lot! Especially like the way you are photographing them on the bottles. Sorry to hear of you and your friend's loss.

  3. Love the's truly beautiful! So very sorry to learn of your friend's mother. I promise to lift a prayer for her.

    Really like your new necklaces..and what a great idea to wear them for awhile to see how they'll hold up. I call that fantastic test marketing!

    Have a great holiday with your family!

  4. I like your necklaces. It seems like Paris is everywhere...should be a good seller. Sorry about your mom's friend. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Lorrie! Love these new necklaces! I think it is great that you are 'testing' them out first... totally something I would do! :) The necklace from your friend's mother is so pretty... gorgeous colors and so sweet that she made it for you. So sorry to hear of the loss of this special woman.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. I have a necklace kit like that sitting waiting for me to experiment. But I have nervous to start. Yours turned out so gorgeous. I am sorry to hear about your fiend.