scrapbooking fever

Thursday, September 16, 2010

oh dear ... i think that i have "scrapbooking fever" right now ... can't stop thinking about scrapbooking and anything that will has to do with my scrapbooking supplies and tools ... i've got lots of doodles in my notebook for projects that I want to get to work on.

it all started last friday when one of the moms on my street came to our house and started talking about a new scrapbooking store that just opened ... and it is only 10 kms from us ... she also told me that they were just starting to look for instructors to run classes. so after thinking about it all weekend ... i spent most of the day monday going through my scrapbooking things putting together a little package of my work ... 
this is what it looks like ... i think that it's really cute ... and it co-ordinates with my "brand". I dropped the package off at the store on Tuesday ... and now ...  

well, i'm now an instructor at Scrapbook Queens!

i'm so excited ... i didn't sleep last night because my head is just spinning with ideas and i can't wait to get started planning projects and classes.  

i'll keep you posted on what i'm doing ... if you have ever taught or taken a creative course and have any suggestions to pass onto me about what you {liked} i'd love to hear your comments ... i want to make these classes fun and creative for everyone!

i also wanted to tell you about another thing that has been adding to my scrapbooking fever this week ... if you love digital scrapbooking you have to pop over to Designhouse Digital today for the most amazing "blog hop" ... 
they have a very large, very cool kit that can be downloaded for FREE ... all of the individual parts of the kit are downloaded on each of the 10 digital scrapbooking artists' blogs. you'll find tons of inspiration and lots of great designers to get you going ... but just let me warn you ... you may end up getting "the fever" too!

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  1. Go Lorrie, that's so great that you'll be teaching! You're gonna be awesome!!!