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Monday, September 20, 2010

I've been working on a bunch of scrapbooking projects the past few days ... collecting materials, looking through pictures and coming with with new ideas. I'm  mainly trying to work out classes to offer at Scrapbook Queens this fall but I also want to use this opportunity to create some new pieces to document my what my family has been doing for the past year and I want to create some funky things to use for holiday decorating and gift giving in the next few months.

I created this scrapbook page a few years ago ... I wrote a "memo to myself" at the bottom saying "don't forget it's the little details that really matter.  Don't let them pass you by.". I had no idea at the time that in 2 years I would be waiting to have brain surgery and wondering if I was going to have be around to see my children grow up.

I am so glad that my girls know that I love them. We have such a wonderful life and I'm so happy that I have found so many creative ways to document the little things that make us smile. I'm looking forward to spending a couple of days just creating!

dance as though no one is watching you
love as though you have never been hurt before
sing as though no on can hear you
live as though heaven is on earth

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