a day of inspiration with my friend Robin Davis

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

admire the moon. be silly.
take risks. look on the bright side.
listen to your heart. don't fear love.
remember it's never too late!
don't run. face your fears.
be an optimist. open a new window.
laugh often. live today.
speak straight and true. be brave.
life is too short to be ordinary.
the sky's the limit!

... love these words ... I don't remember where I found them but they have been on my
personal stationery for a number of months now ... I created the stationery on my computer in Photoshop -
it's a mix of some of my graphics and some brushes that I bought years ago at two peas in a bucket .

I feel so inspired today ... I spent most of the day with one of my favourite creative friends - Robin Davis.
Robin is an artist who licences her artwork and has been a great source of inspiration for me.
You can visit Robin's website and blog to see her work.


This is one of Robin's pieces from Blossom Bucket ... I bought a few of these snow pixies last Christmas
... they are soooo cute! Her new pieces for Halloween and Christmas 2010 are awesome ... I can't wait to go to Robin's open house later in the year for a little "retail therapy".  

I had a bunch of blogging "how to?" questions that Robin was able to help me figure out.  We spent some time looking at websites and talking about supplies. It's great to have a day to just bounce
ideas off someone else. As much as I like having a studio at home to work in ... it can be a little lonely at times. It's nice to be with friends and have a reason to get out of my sweatpants!

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