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Friday, March 13, 2015

chalkboard art with quote from Disney Cinderella movie | Lorrie Everitt Studio

I saw a trailer for Disney's new live action Cinderella movie last year at a movie theatre. As soon as I heard the words "have courage and be kind" I had to dig through my purse to find a piece of paper and a pen because I knew that this was the inspirational quote that I needed for a project I was working on for my youngest daughter's bedroom.

chalkboard art with quote from Disney Cinderella movie | Lorrie Everitt Studio

These are the words she sees every night before she goes to bed.

To create this I simply painted over an old framed canvas painting from the second hand store. The white paint on the frame is Martha Stewart's vintage decor chalk paint left over from painting my daughter's night stand. A couple of coats of Martha Steward chalkboard paint completely covered the original canvas painting. I worked out the type on my computer first and printed it out in sections so I could trace the final design onto the canvas. I used chalk markers so that the design would not rub off when we I dust. 

The Cinderella movie opens today in theatres and from what I have read and heard so far the movie looks like it is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it, hopefully with one or both of my "princesses" or perhaps with my "Prince Charming".

I love the quote in today's (Toronto Star) from Lily James about the movie and her role as Cinderella. She was talking about the fact that she does not believe in the myth of Prince Charming and she said  "I don't think he comes and saves you. But I do believe in true love and I do believe in two people meeting and enriching each other and making each other feel like life is worth living." I believe that too and I think I may have to add that quote to the back of this piece!!


The End.

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  1. beautiful, love this so much. Hope all is going well with you. I miss seeing your creativity! Sending you a smile :) :) :)