World Photo Day

Friday, August 19, 2011

So today is World Photo Day and I thought that I'd share with you some of the photo tricks that I have used this month. I love this new picture that my daughter took of my husband and I on the beach. My husband, Peter, is not always the most co-operative "model" and my best shots of him are when he is not looking or is doing something with the kids.

Here's how my daughter, Haley, and I worked together to get a picture that I would be happy to print. I set my camera to "action" and then I told Haley to just keep clicking ... then after a few {boring} photos I leaned into Peter and gave him a kiss on the cheek. As you can see Peter was a little surprised and he loosen up and gave us a natural smile.

As much as I loved the final photo ... I didn't like the person & two seagulls in the background by my head ... so I opened up Photoshop and started to work with my "clone stamp tool" to clean up the background. If you have never used the clone stamp tool before I'm going to suggest that you check out Rebecca Cooper's blog simple as that for her clone stamp tool tutorial ... it's easy to follow and she has some great tips on photography and using Photoshop.

Here's one last picture of my daughters on the beach.

I hope that you get your camera out today and take a few pictures to remember the day. By the way, 4x6 photos are on sale for eight cents at Costco (Canada) until the end of the month ... another good reason to take some photos!

We do not remember the days ... we remember the moments.

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