{birthday} celebrations

Sunday, February 6, 2011

We have so many family and friends that are celebrating birthdays at this time of year ... I can hardly keep up with all of the dates. That's why I'm currently designing a birthday calendar that I can bind with my cinch to help me keep track of all of the birthdays, anniversaries and special dates that we celebrate. I'll share more about that once it is done!

Today my "great" nephew, Ethan, is celebrating his very first birthday. {Happy birthday little man!} I can still remember when his Mommy, my beautiful niece, Anmarey, was born (omg - 28 years ago). It feels strange that we are already celebrating birthdays for the next generation ... I really don't remember getting this old.
I designed and made Ethan's birth announcements and thank you cards as a shower gift for Anmarey and Peter ... isn't Ethan just the cutest little guy! The first graphics in this post with Ethan's birth details was another gift I designed to celebrate his birth ... I had it printed as a 12x12 picture and framed in a simple square frame from Ikea for his room.

Now I'm off to make my shopping list for tomorrow ... cake mix and candles are at the top of the list because my oldest daughter will be 17 on Wednesday!


  1. The birthday calendar is a great idea which I need to try again. And it is amazing how life just sneaks up on us. As long as we don't let it pass us by, right?

  2. Hi Lorrie, I love your blog, I've been here looking around for a while...then to find out that you took Kelly Rae's e-course too! I stumbled across your blog through a google search. I'm now your newest follower! Your work is beautiful! Blessings xo