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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our family spent the Easter long weekend at the cottage. The weather was beautiful and there was lots to do outside as well as inside. We remembered that we had not been to the cottage since the end of December when we walked in the front door and saw all of the Christmas decorations and tree were still up!

There was lots of craft time worked in between cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Robyn enjoyed making "rock people" on afternoon.
Robyn loves to go through my containers filled with large smooth beach rocks that I collect every summer on the beach at the end of Long Point. She colours them with my coloured sharpie markers and adds googlie eyes ... and of course they all get a name!

I like to use the beach rocks a different way. I have family and friends sign the rocks and leave them in a large glass jar in our front entrance ... kind of like a guest book but better because I encourage everyone to not only write their name but to decorate the rocks as much or as little as they want.

I set everything out on a table so that it is one of the first things that you see when you walk into the cottage ...

I refill the bowl of rocks all of the time to make sure that there are lots to select from ...
we have lots of coloured sharpie markers to choose from ...
and the large glass cookie jar from Ikea is perfect for holding lots of rocks.

It always makes me smile to watch the kids go through the jar to find the rocks they decorated in previous years ... and then ask me if it's okay for them to decorate another rock this year. And I always say "yes" and remind them to write the year so that we will remember when they made it!


We still have some chocolate cupcakes to eat up from the holidays ... but with all of the chocolates and candies from "the bunny" ... I think that they may be around for a few days!

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