Friday, September 6, 2013

Chalkboard inspired party supplies from Just Pretty Parties

diy party supplies from Just Pretty Parties |
This is the front of my new business card for Just Pretty Parties.

I love making tissue paper tassel garlands and the colours on this one are so happy. I would love to design a whole party around this colour story ... now I just need to come up with (another) reason to entertain! If you love diy parties you have to check out some of the new listing recently added to my Just Pretty Parties Etsy shop.

diy party supplies from Just Pretty Parties |

 I found that the shipping prices on Etsy can be difficult to manage for multiple items so I decided to create a bunch of "supplies in a box" listings with some of my favourite items. Of course they all seem to have chalkboard related products included in them because, frankly, I think that chalkboard labels and signs are a party must have.

I know that when you first look at the prices of the listings some of them look a little expensive ...  they vary from $46 to $102 ... BUT if you check out the individual prices for EACH item in the kit (you can see most of them at you will see that the prices are really amazing and you are getting a lot of great products!! For example, the package of 36 chalk labels are $3.99, the 25 paper straws are $3.99 and Ranger ink pad is only $5.99 just to name a few. And because I packaged these in boxes and kept the contents under a certain weight, you save a bundle on shipping this way too. 

Here's a few more of the kits I have listed: 
 diy party supplies from Just Pretty Parties |
This green and white kit comes in other colour options as well. I just loved the mini take out boxes and built the whole party idea around them. 

diy party supplies from Just Pretty Parties |
This kit is great for anytime of year and for anyone who likes classic black, white and kraft packaging supplies. A few of the items in this kit have just recently been discontinued by our suppliers so I will only be able to create this exact listing once ... but I know that there will always be more new kraft, black and white products arriving!

diy party supplies from Just Pretty Parties |
This last kit contains so many of my favourite supplies - crochet lace ribbon in two widths, vintage shaped chalkboard labels and chalkboard signs on stands, new linen drawstring bags and an oh so cute mason jar stamp. The little "thank you - hugs and kisses" note cards are ones that I designed for Creative Bag a while ago and are printed on a nice thick kraft stock .. they still make me smile every time I look at them.

There are a few more kits with different colours and themes that you can check out in the shop.
I only priced out shipping rates to Canada for these items but they can easily be shipped to the USA as well!

************************ UPDATED POST**************************

Since writing this post I have CLOSED my Just Pretty Parties Etsy Shop!

Thanks to everyone who purchased items from my shop either through Etsy or contacting me and picking up at the Toronto Creative Bag store.  Although I had a great response to products listed in my Etsy shop, the shop was taking up more time than I was able to dedicate to it. Most of the products that I listed are still available at Creative Bag. Contact me for more details if you can't find something online or in the stores. 


  1. Hello Lorrie,

    These paper tassel garlands are lovely!


  2. Hey Lorrie, I've tried 4 times posting something on the Creative Bag blog and it won't accept my entry. The jumbled codes just seem to not work. So, my question is, does the store carry anything for Thanksgiving? Thanks.